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Interfaces, nanoparticles and dynamics of Interactions

by Esaulov Vladimir - 30 October 2018 (modifié le 1 November 2018)

The work of Vladimir Esaulov concerns mainly studies of interactions of molecules on surfaces and also some studies are performed regarding various processes involved in ion beam interactions with bulk metal or dielectric surfaces and supported metal nanoparticles.

The work on self assembly concerns the kinetics of adsorption and desorption, the ordering of molecules (with mainly chalcogenide headgroups) and interface properties. In recent years this has partly focussed on assembly on reactive metal surfaces, where there exist C-chalcogen atom scission leading to formation of complex interfaces. In this context I am also interested in the study of chalcogenide materials, families of low dimensional materials with novel properties of interest in applications such as molecular electronics.

Another objective is the creation of metal-molecule ordered hétero-structures. This work is mainly done using synchrotron radiation, complemented by scanning tunnelling microscopy and ion scattering.

I also collaborate in the field of ion scattering with groups in Lanzhou (China) and Valparaiso (Chile). The focus of this work is on the one hand on the study of slowing down (stopping) of slow ions in solids and on the other hand study of electron transfer processes that are of interest in chemical reactivity and whose understanding is also important in using ion scattering as a surface analytical tool.

Publications récentes


Quelques publications récentes


1.Proton energy loss in multilayer graphene and carbon nanotubes ,
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3.ZnO Functionalization: Metal-Dithiol Superstructures on ZnO (0001) by Self-Assembly
Y Tong, T Jiang, S Qiu, K Koshmak, A Giglia, S Kubsky, A Bendounan, V.A.Esaulov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018, 122, 2880−2889

4.Unoccupied interface and molecular states in thiols and dithiols monolayers
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16. Going Beyond The Self-Assembled Monolayer: Metal Intercalated Dithiol Multilayers and Their Conductance,
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17. Structure and Ordering of Anisotropic Ultrathin Organic Films by Polarized Resonant Soft X-Ray Reflectivity
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18.Direct recoil spectroscopy of adsorbed atoms and self-assembled monolayers on Cu (001)
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Book chapter. "Low Energy Ion Scattering and Recoiling Spectroscopy in Surface Science."
Vladimir A. Esaulov
0In book: Surface Science Techniques, Springer Series in Surface Science, Chapter: 15, Publisher: Springer, Editors: G. Bracco and B. Holst, 1/2013; ISBN: ISBN 978-3-642-34242-4


H.Hamoudi Qatar Energy & Environement Reseatrch Institute,and Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar.

A.Bendounan, TEMPO, Soleil Synchrotron, Saclay, France

A. Kara Physics Department, University of Central Florida, USA

O. Grizzi and E. Sanchez (Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina)

J. Valdes and P. Vargas (Université F. Santa Maria, Chili; collaboration France-Chile, ECOSConicyt)- 2005-2007; 2012-2015

M.Flores (Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile)

M. Canepa (University of Genova, Genova, Italy)

L.Pasquali (Universita di Modena, Modena, Italy)

S. Nannarone (University of Modena, and TASC, Elettra, Trieste, Italy)

S.Sampath (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)