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Peláez Ruiz Daniel

Welcome to my webpage !

Daniel Peláez Ruiz
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

I am interested in the theoretical description of molecular systems using a full quantum approach. My main research interests can be summarised in the following axes :

  1. Characterization of excited electronic states related to photoinduced molecular processes in the presence of non-adiabatic effects.
  2. Development of algorithms for the characterization of topography of potential energy surfaces.
  3. Development of algorithms for the description of nuclear quantum dynamics of high-dimensional systems.
  4. Quantum simulation of the reactivity and theoretical molecular spectroscopy of medium-large systems in the presence of an environment.

I contribute to freely distributed software packages :

  1. Quantum Dynamics, MCTDH
  2. Quantum Dynamics, Quantics
  3. Topographical characterisation of PES AutoMekin
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