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IWCT, ISMO Workshop on Charge Transfer

OCTOBER 5th 2021

par Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 30 mars (modifié le 19 avril)

The aim of the IWCT workshop is to gather, in one single day, researchers that are working on the broad topic of charge transfer (CT) processes, within the various approaches met at ISMO. From intra-molecular charge transfer in molecular complexes in gas phase or in solutions, to molecular assemblies or nano-particles on surfaces, via the optically induced charge transfer processes in small photonic or plasmonic devices, charge transfer as well as energy transfer processes will be largely discussed during the talks.
There will be four sections during the workshop : CT in soft matter, CT in molecules on surfaces, CT and optics, CT and Theory.
The IWCT workshop is free of charge for ISMO members as well as for externals from IDF. However, registration is mandatory via this link : registration
A poster session will be organized at the end of the day. For those who wants to present their work via the poster session, a fee of 50€ will be asked via the registration form and a best poster price will be awarded.

List of Invited Speakers :

Dr. Fabrice Odobel
Dr. Marten Vos,
Dr. Nathan McClenaghan
Dr. Iris Visoly fischer
Dr. Stephane Berciaud
Dr. Emmanuel Maisonhaute
Dr. Ludovic Douillard
Dr. Olivier Pluchery
Dr. Aurélien de la Lande
Dr. Nicolas Lorente
Dr. Thomas Cauchy
Dr. Niko Hildebrandt

Organizing and Scientific Committee

Minh-Huong Ha-Thi, ISMO
Rachel Meallet-renault, ISMO
Karine Steenkeste, ISMO
Emmanuel Dartois, ISMO
Thomas Pino, ISMO
Niloufar Shafizadeh, ISMO
Aimeric Ouvrard, ISMO
Eric Le Moal, ISMO
Andrei Borissov, ISMO
Dana-Codruta Marinica, ISMO
Satchin Soorkia, ISMO
Philippe Roncin, ISMO
Damien Riedel, ISMO