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Peer-reviewed Publications

Dupont, J., Guillot, R., Lepère, V., & Zehnacker, A. (2022). Jet-cooled laser spectroscopy and solid-state vibrational circular dichroism of the cyclo-(Tyr-Phe) diketopiperazine dipeptide. Journal of Molecular Structure, 24, 19783–19791.
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Fischer, T. L., Bödecker, M., Zehnacker-Rentien, A., Mata, R. A., & Suhm, M. A. (2022). Setting up the HyDRA blind challenge for the microhydration of organic molecules. PCCP, .
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Jähnigen, S., Le Barbu-Debus, K., Guillot, R., Vuilleumier, R., & Zehnacker, A. (2022). How Crystal Symmetry Dictates Non-Local Vibrational Circular Dichroism in the Solid State. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., .
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Le Barbu-Debus, K., Pérez-Mellor, A., Lepère, V., & Zehnacker, A. (2022). How change in chirality prevents β-amyloid type interaction in a protonated cyclic dipeptide dimer. PCCP, 24, 19783–19791.
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Lietard A, Piani G, Pollet R, Soep B, Mestdagh JM, & Poisson L. (2022). Excited state dynamics of normal dithienylethene molecules either isolated or deposited on an argon cluster. Phys Chem Chem Phys, 24, 10588–10598.
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Raphaël Thon, Wutharath Chin, Didier Chamma, Mindaugas Jonusas, Jean-Pierre Galaup, & Claudine Crépin. (2022). Vibrational dynamics of iron pentacarbonyl in cryogenic matrices. J Chem Phys, 156(2), 024301-12.
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Szczepaniak, U., Kolos, R., Guillemin, J. - C., & Crépin, C. (2022). Phosphorescence of C5N– in rare gas solids. Photochem, 2, 263–271.
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