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Séminaire Yuki Nagata (13 décembre 2011)

Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research - Ackermannweg 1055128 Mainz, Germany

par Secretariat - 8 novembre 2011

Water/Lipid Interface Viewed from Simulated
Sum – Frequency Generation Spectroscopy

Water-lipid interface emerges in various biological/chemical/physical phenomena. For example, oil does not mix with water, but oil is mixed with soap solution. Membrane (bi)layer is stabilized by the water-lipid interactions against increase in the entropy. Further, lipid interfaces play a catalytic role on the aggregation of amyloid beta protein.

To probe such interfacial molecules, sum-frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy is a powerful experimental technique. I will describe the simulation procedure for calculating the SFG spectra of water at the water/lipid interfaces and discuss interfacial water structure and hydrogen bond dynamics by analyzing the spectra.

In addition, the SFG spectra for transient protein structures at the water/lipid interface will be discussed.

Affiche Y.Nagata - 121.2 ko