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Séminaire Nobuhiro Kosugi ( 6 décembre 2011)

IMS, Okazaki, Japon

par Secretariat - 1er décembre 2011

Molecular X-ray spectroscopy in gas, cluster,
liquid and solid phases. Experiment and Theory.

X-ray spectroscopy is applied to various kinds of molecular systems. The molecule can be regarded as a low-dimensional system and the symmetry breaking via non-adiabatic interaction of inner-shell excited states can be revealed by using linearly polarized X-rays. The molecular viewpoint is also applicable to understanding of low-dimensional solid state systems and liquid systems through inner-shell spectroscopy.

Ref. :
Advances in Chemical Physics, Vol. 147 (2011) 75-126 (Wiley) J. Phys. B 38 (2005) R127-R152
Chemical Application of Synchrotron Radiation, Part I (2002) 228-284 (World Sci.)

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