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2D-IR spectroscopy

Resolving the structure and the dynamical behavior of molecular assemblies is a challenge that can be addressed thanks to time-resolved multidimensional spectroscopy. This advanced technique gives access to time-evolution of geometry change, couplings, energy transfers, relaxation, etc. at a sub-picosecond time scale. The group has developed a new multidimensional spectroscopy setup in the infrared domain to understand the role of hydrogen-bonding and structural change in clusters of carboxylic acids of atmospheric interest. Systems are investigated in cryogenic matrices, which allows for simplification of spectroscopy and dynamics.

Acteurs : Didier Chamma, Wutharath Chin, Claudine Crépin-Gilbert, Mindaugas Jonusas.

Collaborations :
Jan Helbing (Department of Chemistry, Université de Zürich, Suisse)
Sylvie Bernhardt (DOTA, ONERA, Palaiseau)