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Séminaire de Christophe NICOLAS (11 février 2014)

Synchrotron SOLEIL, Saint-Aubin, Gif sur Yvette

PLEIADES – an Ultra High Resolution Soft X-ray Beamline for Advanced Spectroscopic Studies of Diluted Species
from Atoms to Nanoparticles

PLEIADES is an ultra high-resolution (100000@50 eV) soft X-ray beamline (9 eV to 1 keV) at SOLEIL in France [1]. The beamline is dedicated to spectroscopic studies of dilute samples (atoms, molecules, ions, biological molecules, free Van der Waals and metal clusters, isolated nanoparticles).

A high-resolution electron spectrometer (VGScienta-R4000), an energy and angle resolved Auger electron - ion coincidence setup (EPICEA), as well as a dedicated station (MAIA) for positive and negative ion photoionization studies (ECR source) are permanently installed on the beamline.

Examples illustrating the main performances and capabilities of the beamline will be presented from different results obtained on the decay dynamics of core-excited molecules, atomic clusters or isolated nanoparticles, probed by electron-spectroscopy or Auger electron – ion coincidence measurements.

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