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Biophotonic and Multimodal Imaging

par Leveque-Fort Sandrine - 7 décembre 2015

Our research is focused on the study of function and regulation mechanisms of biomolecules and biosystems, either in condensed phase or cells and tissues. This bottom-up approach of molecular reactivity achieves the ultimate resolution both spatially (nm) and temporally (fs). It is based on the development and use of advanced microscopy techniques and spectroscopies (electronic and vibrational). This research addresses key societal problems in the field of health (improvement of diagnostic tools, understanding of the mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases, antibiotic resistance and bacteria sensitive detection) and the environment (decontamination of industrial surfaces, bio-packaging, bioenergy). This research activity brings together expertise in physics, physical chemistry, optics and partners with (micro-) biologists and medical doctors.

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