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Séminaire Robert LUCCHESE (16 février 2016)

Department of Chemistry - Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas

Aspects of single-photon ionization and implications
for high-harmonic generation

High-harmonic generation can be modeled using the quantitative rescattering (QRS) model. One of the essential elements of the QRS are the matrix elements for photo-recombination of an electron scattering from a molecular ion. The photo-recombination elements can be computed using the same computational tools as are used to compute photoionization matrix elements. In particular, the photorecombination matrix elements can be obtained from photoionization matrix elements by time reversal, which in a time-independent formalism is just complex conjugation of the wave function. Thus features found in photoionization, e.g. shape-resonances, autoionization resonances, molecular-frame photoelectron angular distributions, and geometry dependence of the matrix elements, will also affect high-harmonic yields.

A discussion of such features in the photoionization of and high-harmonic generation by N2 and SF6 will be given.

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