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Séminaire Gaëtan BELLOT (09 février 2016)

Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, INSERM, Montpellier

Engineering DNA-nanostructure-based molecular tools
for biophysical and biological study.

Biological systems create very complex devices with nanometer-scale dimensions and precisely controlled three-dimensional architectures. The last decades have witnessed the rapid development of DNA as a molecular engineering material to create biomimetic nanostructures with controlled geometries, topologies and periodicities of increasing complexity. Currently in Montpellier, we focus on building artificial DNA nano-systems called “DNA origami” that help solve problems of biophysical and medical interest.

First, I will present the ability to engineer a complex DNA origami nanostructure that exhibit controlled motion driven by dynamic linkage. This dynamic DNA Origami have been designed as a nano-sensor platform and for single-molecule microscopy experiments.

Second, I will present a new method for imaging complex DNA origami structures at isotropic 3D super-resolution by single-particle reconstruction.

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