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Séminaire de Benoît Rogez (7 mai 2019)

LMU München, Chair of Cellular Physiology

par Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 30 septembre 2018 (modifié le 10 avril 2019)

When myosins play collective.

Most of the cellular functions are carried out by groups of proteins working together. This ranges from basic functions such as muscle contraction which requires only a few numbers of proteins, to more elaborate processes such as endocytosis. During endocytosis, a cell “eats” some nutriments or any other molecules present in its environment. This requires several groups of proteins to work together in a coordinated and synchronized manner in order to, first, detect and collect the molecules of interest, then to reshape the cell membrane and form a cargo, which is finally taken in charge by another group of proteins to be transported to the proper location inside the cell.
In this talk, I will present some results obtained on in vitro assays using fluorescence microscopy techniques (real-time TIRF and Confocal microscopy) as well as time-resolved super-resolution microscopy (STORM/PALM like). These results suggest that the formation of elaborate structures or processes in cells can emerge from the collective behaviour of only few but critical proteins.

Séminaire de Benoît Rogez - 165.7 kio

7 mai 2019