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Séminaire de Joshua Baraban (4 fév. 2020)

Department of Chemistry, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

par Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 26 janvier 2020

Transparent Microreactors for High Temperature Chemistry and Spectroscopy

Chemical processes and species encountered at high temperatures are important in a wide range of scientific and applied fields including combustion, atmospheric chemistry, and molecular astronomy. Understanding these reactions and molecules, however, is difficult due to the complex nature of the chemistry that occurs in extreme environments. New strategies are needed to produce, isolate, and study these phenomena. I will discuss novel spectroscopic tools, both conceptual and experimental, for attacking molecular questions in high temperature chemistry, with particular emphases on transparent microreactors and vibronic spectroscopy of radicals.

Séminaire de Joshua Baraban - 74.7 kio

4 fév 2020