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Peer-reviewed Publications

Awali, S., Mestdagh, J. - M., Gaveau, M. - A., Briant, M., Soep, B., Mazet, V., & Poisson, L. (2021). Time-Resolved Observation of the Solvation Dynamics of a Rydberg Excited Molecule Deposited on an Argon Cluster. II. DABCO* at Long Time Delays. J Phys Chem A, 125(20), 4341–4351.
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Holzmeier, F., Joseph, J., Houver, J. C., Lebech, M., Dowek, D., & Lucchese, R. R. (2021). Influence of shape resonances on the angular dependence of molecular photoionization delays. Nat. Commun., .
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Mainali, S., Gatti, F., Iouchtchenko, D., Roy, P. - N., & Meyer, H. - D. (2021). Comparison of the multi-layer multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree (ML-MCTDH) method and the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) for ground state properties of linear rotor chains. J. Chem. Phys., 154, 174106.
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Voute A, Gatti F, Moller KB, & Henriksen NE. (2021). Femtochemistry of bimolecular reactions from weakly bound complexes: computational study of the H + H'OD --> H'OH + D or HOD + H' exchange reactions. Phys Chem Chem Phys, (23), 27207–27226.
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Zhang X, Zhang, Z., Gatti, F., & Zhang, D. H. (2021). Full-dimensional quantum dynamics study of isotope effects for the H2 + NH2/ND2/NHD and H2/D2/HD + NH2 reactions. J Chem Phys, 154, 074301.
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