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Séminaire de Haibo MA (8 juin)

Nanjing University, Department of Chemistry, China

par Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 2 avril 2021 (modifié le 27 mai 2021)

Le séminaire sera diffusé en visioconférence. Les personnes extérieures au laboratoire qui souhaitent y assister sont invitées à envoyer un mail à l’adresse

Elles recevront le lien pour se connecter en retour.

Theoretical investigation of excited state processes in organic optoelectronics

In recent decades, organic optoelectronics attracted a lot of research interests because of their advantages of low cost, low toxicity, large area, light weight, and satisfactory flexibility as well as portability. However, due to their low dielectric screening, strong electron-electron interaction and strong electron-vibration/phonon couplings, the working mechanisms in their photo-physical chemistry are quite different from those in their inorganic counterparts. In this talk, I will introduce our recent investigations of excited state processes (including aggregation induced absorption/emission, excited state charge transfer and singlet fission) in organic optoelectronics through quantum chemical and quantum dynamics simulations.