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Séminaire de Juliette Leroux (23 janvier)

CIMAP - Caen et DESY - Hambourg

by Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 15 January (modifié le 25 January)

Using X-ray action spectroscopy to probe gas-phase biomolecular ions

Proton transfer is a fundamental charge transfer process in chemistry, and it is particularly important for biological molecules, since they usually contain basic groups. Therefore, in order to study charge dynamics in isolated biomolecules, it is crucial to determine the location of protons. Moreover, water plays an important role in the structure and properties of biomolecules. Already a single water molecule can induce structural changes in the molecule, such as the location of the protonation site. Solvation can also induce structure folding and affect the dissociation processes following electronic or vibrational excitation.
In this presentation, I will first present how soft X-ray action spectroscopy can be used to map the electronic transitions of the different protonation sites in small peptides. I will then show how water molecules influence the structures and electronic spectra of small (de)protonated biomolecules.