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Séminaire de Romaric Journet (7 mai)

Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Université Paris Saclay

par Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 27 avril

Strontium quantum gas microscope : experimental implementation and image processing

Quantum gas microscopy has become a prominent tool for probing the equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium properties of quantum gases in situ. After a brief overview of the field, I will present two projects of my work as a PhD student at Laboratoire Charles Fabry on developing of a new experiment, a quantum gas microscope with strontium atoms. First, I will detail the experimental protocol to generate a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) from a hot strontium vapor. The BEC is then loaded into 2D optical lattices and imaged under the microscope, using fluorescence imaging and laser cooling with a single beam on the intercombination transition of strontium. I will then present a new algorithm for the processing quantum gas microscope images.