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lundi 23 novembre

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lundi 23 novembre

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Séminaire Carmen S. MENONI (18 juin 2012)

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering - Department of Chemistry - School of Biomedical Engineering - Colorado State University

Exploring the nano-world
with bright beams of extreme ultraviolet light

Bright beams of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) laser light with wavelengths in the range of 10-50 nm, are enabling the implementation of imaging, and patterning tools that can probe the nano-world on a table top.

In this talk I will review work by our group on the demonstration of imaging systems that have reached spatial resolutions down to 38 nm and can :

  1. image dynamics at the nanoscale using single-shot flash illumination, and
  2. image surfaces and inspect for defects in EUV Lithograph masks.

I will also describe a novel mass spectrometry microscope that exploits the interaction of extreme ultraviolet laser light and organic materials to map chemical composition in three dimensions with nanoscale resolution.

Affiche Carmen S. MENONI - 235.5 ko