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Growth and Functionalization of Silicene on insulating thin films.

Niveau : M2

The aim of this thesis is the growth, the characterization and the functionalization of silicene on insulating thin films. We have evidenced, for the first time experimentally, the formation of a new structure Silicene, as nano
ribbons or sheets on silver substrates. Silicene is the silicon counterpart of the graphene and is considered to be a promising novel material for nano electronics as it naturally benefits from the vast Si based R&D (Research and Development) infrastructure. For instance, the fabrication of the electrical contacts, which is an important problem in nanotechnology, will be much facilitated in the case of silicene by using silicides (e.g. NiSi2). Silicene has atomic and electronic structures similar to graphene.

In this thesis, we propose to extend our studies to grow silicene on insulating
thin films (AlN, NaCl). The functionalization of silicene will be obtained initially by
doping with hydrogen or oxygen (atomic or molecular) in order to tune the band
gap. A combined experimental investigation of the self-assembly of silicene on insulating thin films will be performed at ISMO using surface science techniques (STM, STS, AFM, AES, LEED).

This thesis is expected to provide the basic knowledge of the parameters of silicene growth on different insulating materials. Our aim is to obtain a detailed
understanding of the microscopic factors that control the self-assembly and the
transport characteristics of this novel nanoscale material, which is of great poten
tial for nanotechnology. Indeed, growing silicene on insulators is an important step towards the fabrication of nano electronic devices.

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