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Do Bernard

Bernard Do (professor-hospital practitioner) holds both a research doctorate and a degree in hospital pharmacy from the University of Paris-Descartes in Paris, France. His professional roles include working as a hospital pharmacist in a Paris hospital and teaching as a professor of pharmaceutical physical chemistry at a prestigious Parisian university. In the hospital setting, his work involves developing drug formulations for clinical trials and contributing to the launch of several orphan drugs. At the university, he is involved in teaching analytical chemistry and drug quality control. Additionally, he is part of a research team focused on creating engineered nanoparticles for treating serious diseases like cancer and infections, using scalable, environmentally friendly, solvent-free technologies ( Bernard Do has numerous publications in high-level scientific journals and holds or co-holds several international patents. He also served for 9 years as an expert at the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM).

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