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Platform DTPI

by Heurteau David - 5 May (modifié le 19 June)


The DTPI platform (Detection : Time, Position, Image) is a technologic platform of the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay (ISMO). It meets the needs in advanced instrumentation common for several subjects. Its role is to provide small teams with innovative electronic equipment not available in retail. Its current line is the systems in time measurement. It takes part in training of students and cares about industrial valorization. It endeavors to develop exchanges with surrounding laboratories, both in study and realization.


SOLEIL Synchrotron, ISMO, LAC, LCFIO, LCPMR, IRAP, ILM, TAMU (USA), UFBA (Brazil), Orsay Physics company, …


TDC (Time to Digital Converter)

Specifications :

  • TDC-V4 in PCI format and TDC-V4-E in PCI Express
  • IsiBox interface in 19" format, inputs NIM in BNC or ECL in ribbon cable
  • 16+1 independent channels
  • Time bin 120 ps
  • Resolution (RMS standard deviation) 60 ps
  • Range 7.8 ms
  • Resolution double hits <2.5ns
  • DNL <4%

Resolution of 30 ps on demand

French English Application Notes
TDC-V4 Notice Utilisateur
TDC-V4 User Manual
Isibox - Notice Utilisateur
Isibox - User Manual


Autonomous versions in case :

  • LED : Leading Edge Discriminator, with a simple threshold, 2 channels
  • CFD : Constant Fraction Discriminator, compensated, 1 channel
  • PDD : Peak Detection Discriminator, compensated, 1 channel

Specifications :

  • Compact case, allowing to place it close to the detector
  • Outputs NIM, inputs-ouputs in SMA, 50Ω
  • Mean rate : over 100M/s.
  • Threshold : from +25mV to -225mV

Choice of configuration on demand

Discriminateurs - Notice Utilisateur

FOX (Fpga Open eXtension)

Description :

  • Modular and opened interconnection standard, 19" format (picture) or case
  • Midplane, for real time signals, point to point links
  • Up to 13 modules in 19" format (discriminators, pulses generators, ADC, Arduino controller…)
  • Treatment card based on FPGA (for TDC, …)

Other developements

PDC-1 (POCI) Notice Utilisateur
  • Amplitude coding 15 bits : PDC-1 (alias POCI)
  • Specific developments : simultaneous coding of energy/time, discrimination/amplification, discrimination by detection of the signal median, …

To get a quote, software or other information, contact us.


Séminaire ISMO 2018 - Présentation DTPI
  • Codage du temps par FPGA - Ecole Numérique IN2P3 - Fréjus, novembre 2012
  • FPGAs et codage du temps - 14èmes Rencontres Electronique du Réseau des Electroniciens - Paris, octobre 2012
  • Les TDCs – Conversion numérique du temps - Synchrotron Soleil - Gif sur Yvette, mars 2014
  • Les développements de la DTPI - Séminaire interne ISMO - Orsay, mars 2018