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Outside of the lab

by Boer-Duchemin Elizabeth - 23 September

From left to right (back row): A-R. Allouche, H. Khemliche, D. Riedel, D. Pommier, G. Raseev, R. Bretel, and L. Chen
From left to right (front row): W. Zheng, S. Le Moal, E. Le Moal, E-M. Staicu Casagrande, E. Boer-Duchemin, D-C. Marinica, A. Mukherjee, N. Marani, and A. Ouvrard
Absent: F. Aguillon, A. Borissov, B. Bourguignon, S. Carrez, G. Dujardin, J-P. Gauyacq and A. Momeni
February 2021

Aimeric Ouvrard’s "HDR" defence, September 2021

Delphine Pommier defends her thesis, July 2021

Eric Le Moal defends his "HDR", June 2021

Christmas 2019