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Année 2024

Séminaire d’Enrique Ortega (5 mars)

Simulating high-pressure surface reactions with molecular beams
Using a reactive molecular beam with high kinetic energy (Ekin) it is possible to speed gas-surface reactions involving high activation barriers (Eact), which would require elevated pressures (P0) if a random, Maxwell-Boltzmann gas is used. By simply computing the number of molecules that overcome the activation barrier in a random gas at P0 and in a molecular beam at Ekin=Eact, we establish a P0(Ekin) equivalence curve. (…)

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Séminaire de Jonathan Dubois (13 février)

Clocking the tunneling time in strong-field ionization
When a quantum particle undergoes tunneling, the time spent under the barrier, referred to as the tunneling time, is subject to several debated questions regarding both its definition and its measurability [1,2]. In particular, the measurement of the tunneling times in the context of strong-field ionization [3] is still controversial [4] and the latest conclusions remain in conflict with the results from so-called Larmor clock (…)

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Séminaire de Marie Labeye (6 février)

Systèmes modèles pour la simulation de processus non linéaires ultrarapides
Comment suivre un processus dépendant du temps lorsque celui ci se déroule à des échelles de temps "ultrarapides" (femtoseconde ou subfemtoseconde) ? Comment modéliser de tels processus, et comment les interpréter ? Dans ce séminaire je donnerai quelques pistes de réponse à partir de quelques exemples issus de mes travaux : ionisation tunnel, génération d’harmonique d’ordres élevés, déclin Auger.

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Séminaire de Juliette Leroux (23 janvier)

Using X-ray action spectroscopy to probe gas-phase biomolecular ions
Proton transfer is a fundamental charge transfer process in chemistry, and it is particularly important for biological molecules, since they usually contain basic groups. Therefore, in order to study charge dynamics in isolated biomolecules, it is crucial to determine the location of protons. Moreover, water plays an important role in the structure and properties of biomolecules. Already a single water molecule can (…)

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