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Electron-induced processes on mixed molecular ices

par Amiaud Lionel - 17 juillet 2015

Electron-induced processes on CH_<i>3</i>COOD:NH_3 mixed ice

Synthèse de la glycine induite par électrons lents

One of the team’s previous researches focused on the simplest amino acid - Glycine. On a mixed ice of acetic acid and ammonia, low-energy electon irradiation was performed and formation of glycine was subsequently observed. This study was able to show that low-energy electrons play a role in interstellar media especially in enrichment mechanisms of complex chemical compounds.

The HREEL spectra is shown on the left for ices of NH_3 (blue curve), CH_3COOD (black curve), and mixed CH_<i>3</i>COOD:NH_3 (red curve). After irradiation of the mixed ice using 20 eV electrons, the purple spectrum was obtained showing characteristic peaks (and therefore, formation) of glycine. (PCCP (8), 2006, 5564 - 5568)

Other publications from this laboratory along this theme :

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