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Séminaire de Robin Corgier (19 déc)

LNE-SYRTE, Observatoire de Paris

par Martrenchard-Barra Séverine - 2 décembre 2023

Classical and Quantum state engineering for precision measurements

Matter-wave interferometry allows precision measurements by mapping the physical quantity of interest to a phase shift determined using interferometric techniques. In the past years, atomic interferometers have been widely used for fundamental physics tests. To name a few, they have allowed to measure the fine structure constant, the gravitational constant, topological phases and atomic properties. In addition, they are currently used to perform tests of the Universality of Free Fall (UFF), one of the pillars of Einstein’s Equivalence Principle, where gravity is tested within a quantum framework. At term, the expected supremacy of atom interferometry comes from the use of quantum correlations to overcome the standard quantum limit inherent to uncorrelated or classically correlated particles.

In this presentation, I will first introduce the concept of atom interferometry and the constraints to realize a test of UFF [1]. I will then discuss recent results on quantum state engineering and their implementation on advanced platforms, being on ground [2-4] and in space [5-6]. The second part of the presentation will focus on quantum entanglement dynamics. I will first introduce the concept of spin squeezing dynamics and then discuss a novel method compatible with state-of-the-art atom interferometer and inertial measurements [7].

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